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Raise The Money makes it simple for people to support the causes that matter to them.

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Fast and Simple Sign Up

We Make It Easy

Accepting credit cards can be a long, confusing, and expensive process. We have eliminated the headaches by providing you with a streamlined way to start accepting donations quickly and affordably.

Only Provide the Necessary Information

We have made our registration as simple as possible by eliminating unnecessary steps. We ask for only what is needed to get you signed up and raising funds.

Secure Verification for Your Protection

For your security, our team will verify your account in order to prevent fraudulent activity. This process is typically completed within 24 hours.

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Raise Support with Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a great way to give your supports the ability to raise money on your behalf. Crowdfunders have their own accounts so that they can raise money from friends and family, but all of the money they raise show up as contributions in your account and the funds are deposited directly into your bank account.

Online Contribution Forms

Start Accepting Contributions on Your Website

Raise the Money makes it simple to collect contributions through your website. Whether you are working with a website developer or you are creating your site yourself, our embed code makes it easy to add this important functionality to your website.

Secure Hosted Page With Social Media & Email Link

We provide you with a link to your contribution form that can be easily distributed in support letters, social media, or email. This method does not require you to have a website and is the fastest way to start accepting donations.

App for Your Organization Facebook Page

Facebook icon Easily add a contribution form to your organization’s Facebook Page. This allows contributors to support your organization without ever leaving Facebook.

Wordpress icon WordPress Plugin for Your Website

Install the plugin and easily add a contribution form to your WordPress website.

Get Immediate Feedback from Your Contributors

Instant Townhall allows contributors to give feedback after making a contribution to your social organization. This is a great direct line to know what matters to your supporters.

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Automatic Bank Transfers

Get Your Money as Soon as Possible

Once contributions have cleared, we automatically initiate a transfer of the balance into your bank account. This means a faster process to your checking account where you can spend it to further your cause.

No More Trips to the Bank

It can be difficult collecting checks/cash, making regular trips to the bank, and keeping accurate records. Raise the Money saves you time by collecting your funds, depositing them directly into your account, and keeping record of your contributions.

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Hassle Free Reporting

Watch Your Progress

With Raise the Money you can easily see how much money your organization has raised at any time.

No More Searching Through Stacks of Papers

When it comes time to report earnings, we have made it simple to export the information you need to file. Your accountant will thank you.

Integration with NationBuilder

Easily connect your NationBuilder and Raise The Money accounts. Once connected, contributions made through Raise The Money are automatically synced to your NationBuilder account.

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Mobile Friendly

Track Your Funds from Anywhere

We make it easy to track the money you have raised from anywhere. Using an internet-enabled mobile device, you can see contributions made to your cause and access contributor information.

Available on the App Store Android app on Google Play

Accept Contributions on the Go

By using Raise the Money, your supporters can make contributions directly from their tablets and smartphones. This allows people to donate from anywhere.

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4.9% + $0.25 Per Contribution

Simple Pricing Structure

With Raise the Money there are no setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden costs. A flat rate of just 4.9% + $0.25 per transaction is the only cost. You only pay when someone makes a contribution to your organization.

Receive Multiple Payment Types

Accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also allow for bank transfers. Multiple payment options mean more overall transactions.

Flexibility with Recurring Contributions

One donation is nice, but more contributions are better. With convenient options for recurring billing, your supporters can opt in to donate on a regular basis.

Contributor Sign-in for Future Contributions

Quick Contribute makes it easier for people to contribute to your organization by letting them save their information with a password. Future contributions are then as easy as signing in and selecting an amount.

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