Raise The Money is software designed to help campaigns accept donations where their constituents spend the most time. Simply embed the Online Contribution Form on your website or add our convenient donation app to your Facebook page. Raise The Money allows you to collect contributions from your website, Facebook pages, and even through email links. Get instant feedback from your donors and even accept recurring donations. We handle the processing, keep up with your contributions, and you get your money into your bank account the next day. It’s that simple.


Our online political fundraising platform is fast, adaptable and reliable. Whether on your website, through our Facebook app or in your direct email link, Raise The Money takes care of all the business behind the scenes to assure that your contributions are secure and quickly available. Raise The Money eliminates long waits, stacks of papers, and bank trips so your political campaign can focus on the big picture.


Raise The Money charges 4.9% + $0.25 per transaction. There are no setup fees or costs to create your account.

Online Contribution Forms

Start Accepting Contributions
On Your Website Raise the Money makes it simple to collect contributions through your website. Whether you are working with a website developer or you are creating your site yourself, our embed code makes it easy to add this important functionality to your website.

Secure Hosted Page With Social Media & Email Link
We provide you with a link to your contribution form that can be easily distributed in campaign support letters, social media, or email. This method does not require you to have a website and is the fastest way to start accepting political donations.

Hassle Free Reporting

Watch Your Progress

With Raise the Money you can easily see how much money your campaign has raised at any time.

No More Searching Through Stacks of Papers

When it comes time to report campaign earnings, we have made it simple to export the information you need to file. Your accountant will thank you.

Integration with NationBuilder

Easily connect your NationBuilder and Raise The Money accounts. Once connected, contributions made through Raise The Money are automatically synced to your NationBuilder account.

Mobile Friendly

Track Your Funds from Anywhere

We make it easy to track the money you have raised from anywhere. Using an internet-enabled mobile device, you can see contributions made to your campaign and access contributor information.

Available on the App Store Android app on Google Play

Accept Contributions on the Go

By using Raise the Money, your supporters can make contributions directly from their tablets and smartphones. This allows people to donate to your campaign from anywhere.


  • App for Your Campaign Facebook Page Edit a contribution form to your campaign’s Facebook Page. This allows contributors to support your campaign without ever leaving Facebook!

  • WordPress Plugin for Your WebsiteInstall the plugin and easily add a contribution form to your WordPress website.

  • Get Immediate Feedback from Your Contributors Instant Townhall allows contributors to give feedback after making a contribution to your political organization. This is a great direct line to know what matters to your supporters.

  • Raise Support with Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is a great way to give your supporters the ability to raise money on your behalf. Crowdfunders have their own accounts so that they can raise money from friends and family, but all of the money they raise show up as contributions in your account and the funds are deposited directly into your bank account.