4 Tips to Maximize Fundraising Efforts

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Labor Day historically marks the final push of campaign season. It is customary for campaigns to ramp up their fundraising efforts. Sure, you’ve created your account to accept donations and you have your website created and ready to go. But, do your supporters know how they can contribute? Give them ideas on how to help your campaign by following these steps below:

Fundraising Emails

Use the emails that you have collected from campaigning and place them in an automated email service. Create lists for specific contributors and create emails to send out. Give those tech-savvy interns something to do! Raise the Money also provides a secure contribution link for you to copy and paste into these emails. Easy and secure! To access this link, sign into your account and click on “Contribution Form.” Then, copy and paste the Link to Secure Contribution Form into the aforementioned email.


Facebook Integration

A Facebook presence is one of the most integral parts of your campaign, especially in reaching and activating younger voters. First of all, be sure that you have a campaign Facebook page. Then, be sure to add our Facebook integration app to your page.This way, voters can immediately give to the campaign through the Facebook page. To integrate, see the YouTube video below.

Twitter/Instagram Response

Head over to Twitter and Instagram as well to better inform your constituents and potential donors what you are doing on the campaign trail. Whether you are going to fundraising events or sharing your platform, this is easily another way for you to connect with the people in your district or state. Also, the Secure Contribution Form link can be added to your Twitter bio, your Instagram bio, as well as in tweets and picture posts.

Contribution Form

Assign Digital Bundlers 

Another surefire way to promote your message to your audience digitally is to assign digital bundlers with our Crowdfunding feature. Whether you are wanting to invite friends of the campaign or allow anyone to sign up, our Crowdfunding feature gives you either options. By signing up or being assigned as a digital bundler, the bundler will be given a secure contribution link for them to promote on their social media pages. Video and text can be added to these contribution forms (if you allow it) and these bundlers can create videos in support of your campaign or share text as to why they support your campaign. The possibilities really are endless with this feature!

Bundler Group

We hope you enjoyed the tips! If you decide to use any of the tips, please hashtag #4tipsforcampaigns so we can see all of our clients and their hard work! Good luck to all our candidates in this upcoming election cycle!