Investing in Your One-Time Donors

If you don’t have the resources to find new donors, try focusing your efforts on the ones you already have. One-time donors have already opened the door for communication, which means there’s greater potential for them to become recurring donors–if you make the smart move of investing in them!

Recurring donors expand your network, provide you with stability, help you meet your goals, and allow you to set new ones for the future. So make sure you’re doing everything you can to reach your one-time donors and create opportunities for them to become recurring donors. Here are a few easy ways to do that.

Add a recurring option on your donation form

There’s no better time than the first time they give. When customizing your Raise The Money donation form, make sure you select recurring options that allow donors to make a one-time, monthly, or yearly donation. This way they get to see the different options available and decide what kind of donor they want to be. It’s no secret! If you don’t give one-time donors the option to become recurring donors, they simply won’t.

Make your receipt emails count

Carefully crafting the email receipt your donors receive is a great way to make a lasting impression, especially with one-time donors. If they’re receiving that email, then they’ve already financially supported you once.  But an email receipt is a perfect chance to sincerely thank them for their support and remind them what their support will do. Expressing your gratitude can make a lasting impression and lead to future support.

Regularly update donors on the work you’re doing

When you’re financially supporting a cause, it’s reassuring to see the fruits of that labor. So it’s important that you keep donors in the loop and provide updates on how their support is making a difference. It’s also a great opportunity to show one-time donors what you’re able to achieve with long term support. They may still be wondering if you’re worth investing in. So use newsletters and email campaigns as a way to prove that you are. If you’re someone who gets things done, show them. They might just take the leap!