Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions


Election Season brings more frequently asked questions. More donations equal more questions. Also, here are some trouble-shooting solutions.

  1. How long will my donations take to process? 2 business days
  2. How can I see where my payment has processed? Go to account in dashboard, Go to contributions, Click the statements tab, You will pick a year and this will show you what you received for that month or contribution period.
  3. Why have my funds stopped coming? Go to account settings in your Raise The Money dashboard and update your banking information. Please give this twenty-four hours to update. If funds are still not coming through, please give us a call.
  4. Why can’t I get into my account? Our website is set up for not only politics but other platforms too. Make sure you are logging into the right option when you hover over the sign in button.
  5. Why am I not getting my password reset emails? You could have possibly unsubscribed, look up one of our emails and resubscribe if so.

We are thrilled you have chosen RaiseTheMoney as your donation platform, and we look forward to being a part of your fundraising journey. Please feel to reach out to us or give us a direct call at +1 (866) 935-0302 . This is going to be a great campaign season!