Adapting to Political Climate Change

One day you’re a house cat. The next day you’re a polar bear. So goes the nature of American politics. Navigating the shifting land masses of a new administration requires the ability to adapt, and even Al Gore would agree that those nonprofits and political organizations who do this well are most likely to survive. Today, Raise The Money offers some suggestions for adapting to political climate change.

So what exactly is adaptability in the context of a changing political climate? For the most part, it’s all about message. The Trump administration has so far been polarizing. This is to be expected with any new administration, but the tension is noticeably heightened this time around. Politicians and organizations of every focus are raising funds by crafting strong messages either with or against the new president.

It’s often the case that fundraising efforts yield much more funds during wartime. Organizations focused on immigration or women’s rights are likely to break fundraising records for the foreseeable future. But even without a hot-button issue, a message strategy that steers into the conflict, real or perceived, is likely to see greater returns.
In short, pick a side. You can always change it later. Get more fundraising advice and tongue-in-cheek political commentary with Raise The Money, the fastest, safest way to process online contributions.