The Age of the Small Dollar Donor: How Your Campaign Can Profit

Traditionally, the majority of a campaign’s money was raised by organizational donors. After reviewing the quarterly reports that rolled in mid-April, however, it’s clear that the fundraising game is changing. At least it is for Democrats. ActBlue, the fundraising platform all Democratic presidential candidates use, reported that 34.3% of the $119.5 million processed so far has been made by donors contributing less than $200 per donation. As Democratic presidential candidates ramp up their fundraising efforts, much of the money raised goes back into targeting these small dollar donors.

So, why is the small dollar donation such a big deal? For candidates, it’s a way to market themselves as a candidate supported by the little guy. For contributors, it’s a way to make a direct statement in support of an issue or a candidate. And more, these donors are easily motivated by major political events like debates and townhalls.

The small dollar donor is so important to the 2020 election, in fact, that all presidential candidates are vying for the “small dollar candidate” title. However, small dollar donors aren’t only donating to presidential candidates. Beto O’Rourke’s senate campaign against Ted Cruz raised over $36 million, or 45.98% total from small dollar donors. Your campaign can be built on small dollar donors, too.

Asking for money from a donor will not work if you don’t at first develop trust. First, you must use quality data and build an email list. Updating them regularly on upcoming events and your stance on certain issues will prove to be invaluable when it’s time to send fundraising emails. Donors are guarded with their money, and you’ll have to gain their trust before they’ll donate.

When your campaign gets ready to start fundraising, send emails out regularly. Keep the narrative light and friendly and ask for small amounts. For example, Bernie Sanders’ campaign sends out several fundraising emails a day asking donors for just $3 to help reach their fundraising goal. And it works; Bernie Sanders is one of the top fundraisers and has raised over $18 million so far.

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