Content Fundraising Online

Fundraising has a lot to learn from content marketing. Content marketing is all about placement, timing and tone. The idea behind content marketing is one of quality over quantity. Persuasive content is part of it but not all. Refining that content and placing it in just the right space and at the right time can make all the difference in whether or not the big fish bite or swim away. Here are a few tips from Raise The Money to make your content more effective and your fundraising more successful.

Always Be Authentic

No matter how much you flood the internet with your beautifully produced branded message, it will never gain traction with your audience or any audience if it seems suspect or too much like advertising. Keep it simple and true at any cost. Authentic content is the only content, especially when it comes to promoting a cause and asking for donations.

Always Include a Call to Action

Even the most persuasive content needs a point. A tear-jerking image or article is not enough. One of the easiest mistakes to make is assuming that your audience knows what to do after seeing your content. Be sure to include a clear call to action, something obvious like “Show your support by making a donation today!”

Never Annoy Your Audience

Repetition can sometimes be persuasive, but online content doesn’t always work like a radio jingle. You are attempting to engage your audience while they are writing the perfect caption for that amazing lunch selfie or scrolling through the day’s messages to see what they missed. Posting your content too frequently can quickly have the opposite effect.
Fundraising is not an easy business, but it can always be a little easier. Learn more about all the ways Raise The Money can make fundraising less time consuming and more profitable by maximizing your online contributions. And stay tuned to the Raise The Money blog for more fundraising tips and political commentary.