Creative Fundraising Ideas for 2017

There is no doubt that 2017 will be a big year for political and issue-based nonprofit fundraising. As is evident by the recent spike in donations to Planned Parenthood, derision is good for business, and if there is anything we can say about the American electorate following the recent election, it’s that there is more than enough derision to go around. So, how do you make all this disagreement work in favor of your fundraising efforts in 2017? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Big Brother is SO hot right now.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, CNBC reports that sales for the book 1984 have “soared.” Netflix has seen V for Vendetta catch a sudden wave of popularity. Why does all this matter? It means that there are all sorts of dystopian theme parties and events being planned. Big Brother is hot this year. Even if you were born too late to experience the Cold War, you can still throw a gas-mask dance party fundraiser!

Get it on video!

Whether your goal is generating awareness for your organization and its focus, promoting a community event, or softening the ground before running for office, the gold standard for communicating with an online audience is video. Even in the very early stages of an organization, a compelling video is a handy, shareable marketing gift that keeps on giving. Done right, it’s well worth the money, and this is not the place to go cheap. The sincerity of your message is at stake.

Engineer an “Easy Yes”

The variety of organizations who rely on fundraising to survive is almost endless. But, like antibiotics, asking too often can make potential donors less likely to respond in the future. When going after online donations, keep it simple and compelling; offer a few tiers of donations; and don’t be afraid to ask for specific amounts. Make the message clear and the process simple. Never waste a moment of your audience’s time.

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