Crowdfunding for the 2015 and 2016 Election Cycle

placeit (36)We are very proud to announce that Raise the Money is one of the first online processors to bring Crowdfunding to political fundraising! Candidates will now be able to invite any person to crowdfund on behalf of the campaign.

The new feature will be accessible through the sidebar when you log into your account and it will be located underneath the “Contributions” tab. The biggest advantage to the new feature is that candidates are able to assign “Bundlers” which are in essence fundraisers for the campaign. These “bundlers” can be anywhere from the treasurer for campaign or finance team volunteer. Every type of race can benefit from this feature.  The newplaceit (37) feature also allows candidates to create “Bundler Groups” in order to fundraise for a specific call to action. Bundlers can be invited one at a time or all at once. The invites will be sent through email. Each bundler is given a different contribution form to push donations and this feature allows candidates to invite any person to crowdfund on behalf of the campaign. This also allows you to track who the most successful bundler is and who is raising the most money for your campaign. This feature also allows the bundler the ability to login and track how successful their fundraising efforts are.

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Another feature that gives campaigns even more ways to customize are the changes to the content section. The title and subtitle can be customized to match the campaign’s slogan, which candidates have always been able to do. But, the new feature allows candidates to add media to the new content section. The candidate can add an introduction about themselves or their campaign, a description, or a letter to their donors. The body section gives you the ability to add bullet points, numbering, and sub headers. With video being such an important part of campaigning, candidates are now given the ability to embed YouTube or Vimeo links to play right in the contribution form. Candidates can also add links that will be hyperlinked for donors to click on as well as the ability to add images, lists, and mark down supports.

We hope you enjoy the new features! The ability to further customize your contribution form will help to customize the page to your campaign’s unique platform and help to send out the correct message to your donors. Call us with any questions or concerns!