#FacebookFail: No Donate Button

This year, Politico reports Republican and Democratic candidates spent a combined total of $10 million on advertising through verticals such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google. The preferred method for political campaigns to advertise is through Facebook due to the increased visibility and volume of users. RaiseTheMoney.com (“RTM”) is the preferred choice for processing online donations by political campaigns and committees. The main goal of our platform is to streamline the contribution process and provide our clients with the tools to fundraise better, including the option to have a Facebook donate button. Candidates who do not have a Facebook donate button are out of touch. There is no excuse for overlooking the easiest integration available that will provide the highest payoff for your campaign. It just makes sense to integrate with RTM- the leading payment processor in politics with Facebook- the leading social media platform. The best part: this Facebook plug-in is absolutely free to integrate. These millions of dollars spent on Facebook ads are wasting the campaign’s time and money if there is no ability to make a contribution within the page.  Missing donations is not something that constitutes a winning candidate.


The 2016 election cycle has proven to be the most expensive in our nation’s history, and we have only just finished up the conventions to nominate the candidates. The upcoming months leading up to November are sure to be filled with billions of dollars on ad placement through social media avenues, email marketing blasts, and other various donor targeting options. But, the tool that costs no additional money to your campaign and adds tremendous visibility: RTM’s Facebook integration. Recent figures point to 1.65 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Out of these users, at least 38% use social networking sites to “like” material related to politics or social issues. Political scholars suggest that the new media era lowers the cost of accessibility to political information, making people more willing to invest themselves politically. With status updates using contribution links, the visibility rate is dependent on your social media presence and the frequency your campaign updates. With RTM’s Facebook plugin, this option does not leave your page. Voters and potential voters visiting your page see this whether they want to scroll past it or not.FB Plug-In

Out of the nine highly contested United States Senate races this election cycle, not one campaign page has a Facebook contribute option. Don’t believe us? See for yourself below. The states included with contested primaries, Republican and Democrat opponents, are: Arizona, Ohio, New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Missouri.

GOP SenateDem Senate

As competitive as U.S. Senate races are, let’s take a look at the Facebook pages of the 2 nominated United States Presidential candidates. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both are lacking Facebook donate options. This isn’t a partisan issue. This is an issue that needs to be addressed on both sides of the table.

Hillary Clinton FB Page         Trump FB

According to a study done by Political Research Quarterly, traditional political engagement was measured by an individual’s membership in local civic organizations like PTA meetings and Rotary clubs. With the accessibility of social media, these avenues of political engagement have translated to increased voter turnout and voter participation in politics through greater access to information. Furthermore, more political relationships are cultivated through social media and candidates are better able to relate to their constituents. 52% of Democrats and 42% of Republicans use social media to “like” or promote material related to politics or social issues others have posted. 38% of users have used social media to encourage others to vote. Imagine the impact a campaign’s Facebook page could have if they integrated a Facebook button. Candidates lose donors every day due to the lack of visibility to donate on their Facebook page. It’s an unnecessary and preventable loss for campaigns. Trust the best and most innovative processing platform in the industry with your campaign’s needs. If you are a candidate and want to take advantage of this Facebook donate button, create your free account with us at: