Filing Reports Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

One of the most stressful aspects of a campaign is ensuring all reports are filed properly and on time. makes it easy to raise funds online and file reports. Quarterly and monthly reports sneak up sooner rather than later. Instead of scrambling at the last minute to get your report in, or even worse, submitting it late and facing penalties, sign up for a account. There are several features we’ve made that make it easy for campaigns to collect and file their reports.

Once a donor contributes, they receive an emailed receipt with your customized message while your campaign gets an email notification and a Merchant Statement giving all information about the donation, including the amount given, the date and time, their name and address, their spousal/employment information (if you need to collect it), and their email address. These Merchant Statements are available within your account so you’re not left keeping up with individual emails.

Another valuable resource that is available when you create an account is downloadable finance reports. These Excel documents include everything a Merchant Statement does, however, it includes all donor data for easy reference using Excel’s filter features to filter by name, amount given, etc. You can filter Finance Reports by month or quarters, making reporting a breeze. Additionally, if you have a Nationbuilder or Aristotle account, our integration with their system pushes your donors’ information to them automatically. Using a different firm? Contact us and we’ll work with you.

Additionally, funds are automatically sent to your bank account every 48 hours. This feature is one that we find our clients are most excited about. When a donor makes a contribution, expect it in your bank account within 48 hours. No action is needed on your behalf. No need to worry about moving the funds from an online account to your bank account. was created with campaigns in mind and we strive to make running for office as easy as possible.

If you ever have any questions, we are only a call or email away! We love working with our clients and helping them succeed.


-RTM Team