Fundraising Essentials: Knowing Your General Audience

It’s a fact so obvious as to be cliche, but most fundraisers don’t know their audience as well as they think. Sure, they know the whales. They even spend a little time each month memorizing the names of their nieces and the scores of their softball games. But for every whale, there are countless fish. Taken alone, they may not seem worth the effort, but taken together, they have game-changing potential. President Trump would SO agree!

Online microdonations have added a new dimension to fundraising. But moving from the one-to-one, handshake approach of big-donor fundraising to the broad appeal approach of crowdsource fundraising can be daunting. The key to online fundraising is understanding and consistently appealing to such a wide audience. And the key to understanding online audiences is data. Lots and lots of data.

Collecting, sorting and analyzing data from your online donor base requires a special set of tools. Raise The Money is the fastest and most responsive of these tools. The RTM software enables you both to process contributions and to track your donor base automatically. In short, you’ll know if your message is working. You’ll know who you donors are and what they want. And over time, your fundraising strategies will evolve in real time as you collect and respond to more data.

Getting started is easy. Add RTM to your Facebook page or website and you’re ready to go. Read through the website for more information about using Raise The Money. Check back with us for more fundraising tips, campaign trends and political commentary.