Fundraising Ideas to Try Before Summer Ends

Fall is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to take advantage of the fundraising opportunities that summer affords you! School hasn’t started yet and there’s still sunny days ahead, so now’s the time.

Asking people for money is not a task anyone really enjoys. It can be even more nerve wracking when it means traveling all over and making speeches. But that’s exactly why summer fundraisers are the best. Just because you’re asking people for money doesn’t mean it has to be a formal affair. People tend to be less stressed and more pleasant in the summer, and that includes donors. Throw in a pool or BBQ and everyone, including you, will have a much more fun and laid back experience.

A summer fundraiser also gives you and your constituents a chance to meet up close and personal. You get valuable information about the issues they care about, and they learn that you’re someone who listens. Before the sunny days and cheery dispositions start to fade, consider trying one of these creative fundraising ideas that are perfect for summer!

1. Pool Party

If there’s one thing most people can agree , it’s that there’s nothing better than a refreshing dip in the pool on a hot summer day. Sell tickets through the Events tool in your Raise The Money account, offer refreshments, play games, and enjoy the atmosphere that only a summer pool party can provide. Mingle with your voters and take the time to thank everyone for coming. It’s a laid back event that everyone is sure to enjoy.

2. Car Wash

The quintessential fundraiser, and for a good reason. Schools do it, churches do it, and there’s no reason your campaign shouldn’t do it too. Hosting a car wash doesn’t have to be expensive, so there’s no scary investment for your campaign. There’s also plenty to be said for voters who can actually identify with a candidate. First off, standing on a stage in your suit and calling yourself “relatable,” has backfired plenty–no surprise there. But surely there’s no better way to speak that to truth than by putting on your flip flops and basketball shorts, getting out there, and scrubbing some tires.

3. Fish Fry or BBQ

Let’s be honest, we all look forward to food. Sometimes we go because of the food. When we dread fulfilling our obligations or making an appearance, the food? Well it’s a bright spot. Fish fries, BBQs, or any event focused on a delicious meal can put a smile on even the crankiest of faces. Something about firing up the grill, standing around, and socializing is so fun! We can’t explain it, but it’s real. You’ll have plenty of time to speak with your constituents, bond over delicious aromas, and enjoy the last weeks of summer. Organizing doesn’t have to be hard either. You can sell tickets through the Events tool in your account. You can even sell different ticket types if you want to serve a variety of eats.

4. Outdoor Movie Showing

An outdoor movie is something the whole family can enjoy. Just make sure there’s plenty of citronella to go around. Host the event in a park, and consider finding a space that will allow attendees to stay in their vehicles. Drive-in movies have made a big comeback–especially in the last year. Accept donations for entry and enjoy some easy summer fun with your family and constituents. You can even sell concessions so everyone gets that classic movie experience many of us have missed out on in the last year!

5. Cornhole Tournament

You could host a tournament for any sport really, but if you’ve never played cornhole prepare to be surprised by how invested you’ll get. Even the “I’m not sporty” and “I’m just not a competitive person” people will be strategizing with their partner and staring down their opponents by the end of the game. It’s a game that everyone can enjoy so there’s no better way to rally the most attendees possible. There isn’t much equipment needed either. Have some cornhole sets donated, loaned, or buy some. Then find a nice green space with plenty of room, maybe at the park. Throw in some refreshments and everyone’s sure to enjoy the friendly competition. Just make sure you’re a good sport–especially in front of potential donors.