Getting Started with Online Fundraising

In politics and in baseball, it was a surprising year. Deep emotions were stirred. A back-and-forth competition left the nation biting its nails. And, one way or another, the unprecedented outcomes both for Trump and the Cubbies made 2016 feel like a milestone year. That year will soon be over. The first pitches of the new season will begin to redirect the triumphs of the previous season. The political sigh of relief that accompanies the end of the campaign season is shorter every cycle. If you aren’t ready to get started again, you’ll soon be too late.

Now is the perfect time to get your political ducks in a row for a first run, while there’s enough time on the political calendar to stay ahead of the learning curve. Or maybe you want to start a political committee (like a PAC or super PAC) for the next election because you are passionate about a certain issue. Now is the right time to get your fundraising apparatus set up and start building the relationships you need to recruit donors when the time is right.

One of the most time-consuming parts of the process, and certainly one of the most difficult hurdles at the beginning of the race, is learning FEC regulations and setting up your committee according to the law. There are bylaws to write and officers to announce, all the little things that must be done in order to create a political organization of any kind. There are quite a few steps that you want to get out of the way long before you start the actual fundraising work.

After you are a legal entity, it’s time to become a social media entity. This is the golden age of the political season for social media. You are in a position to talk about issues and build credibility BEFORE you start directly asking for money. Set these accounts up far in advance and secure your organization’s online real estate. Then start churning out the content, building your audience and your credibility every day.

While you’re setting up those initial resources for your organization, it’s a good time to set up your fundraising infrastructure. After you have social media pages and a website, it’s time to sync everything up with Raise The Money. Raise The Money is quite simply the most versatile online contribution platform on the planet. Setting up your account takes about five minutes. Your account will be active in 24 hours, enabling you to process a contribution and get you money in less than 48 hours. Process and access your contributions and analyze your fundraising efforts like a professional with Raise the Money. Stay tuned to our blog for more fundraising tips and trends.