How to Get the Most out of Your RTM Account

Once you crMoneyeate your free account with Raise the Money, you can immediately start taking advantage of the features we offer. However, sometimes the amount of features can be overwhelming and things can get put on the back burner.

In this blog post, I will be discussing the features we offer and ways to make the most of your account with us and, ultimately, maximize the amount of online donations.

  1. Download our free app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. This app allows you to manage and modify your donation form while seeing every contribution your campaign has received. Here are the links:

For the Apple Store:

For the Google Play Store:

  1. Take advantage of the contribution links to maximize your online contributions! Your donation page needs to be easily accessible and available on different platforms to reach your maximum audience. Once your free account is created, click on the tab titled “Contribution Form.” This page gives you access to a Website Embed Code that allows you to add a donate button to your website. If you work with a digital design firm, this page also gives you access to the Developer Embed Kit. This kit gives the design firm all the information they need to expedite the website integration. If you are a smaller campaign and do not have a website, the Link to Secure Contribution Form is for you. This form allows you to copy and paste this link to a fundraising email, Twitter, or any other form of social media to increase visibility and therefore increase contributions for your campaign.
  2. Integrate your account with Facebook! This feature is very easy to activate and can really help increase your online donations. Within the same tab titled “Contribution Form,” click on Connect with Facebook. Your contributors can now donate via Facebook!
  3. Instant Townhall is a feature that is enabled automatically with the creation of every new account. This patented feature allows contributors the ability to give instant feedback to the candidate immediately after donating. With the always growing presence of online campaigns and websites, campaigns have lost sight of personal relationships and face-to-face meetings with their constituents. The Instant Townhall feature is a way to decrease that gap and increase personal relationships with their constituents.

There you have it! Although these tips mentioned are just the tip (ha!) of the iceberg when discussing our services, hopefully your campaign can utilize these features (if you already haven’t) and give your campaign the boost it needs to gear up for 2015!