How to Raise Money from Target Demographics


Being the topic of an endless series of very thick books, this little collection of factoids will focus its attention on some basic tips for reaching targeted demographics and highlight the many ways that target marketing can help bring funds into your campaign. Here are some tips to follow when figuring out ways to share a moment with the many groups that comprise your campaign’s supporters.

  1. Aim Small, Miss Small

The most common mistake for politicians, new businesses and brands of every kind is that they try to be all things to all people. It is much more valuable to be sincere and direct with one group at the expense of broader appeal than to be boring to everyone. Pick a group and address something central to them.

  1. What is the Matrix?

The matrix is all around you. It’s the flow of personal information and buying preferences collected from billions of users every day and sold to advertisers. Why not use them for good? Purchasing information about your target demographic is definitely the way to go if you can afford it.

  1. This Time, It’s Personal

Once you have information about your target demographic, it’s time for some focused marketing with a sincere message tailored to your target group. Finding issues in common with new voting groups or independent voters is a great way to gain some serious ground and raise the possibility of new donor bases.

  1. Sell Out

Younger voters aren’t always so much into the donation thing. Money is tight, and they want to get something for it. Merchandise sold from your website can be a great way to bring in additional funds. And don’t just slap a photo of the candidate on a t-shirt and expect people to buy it. Find out what they are already buying, and accommodate. Pick an issue and make merchandise around that issue.

  1. A New Hope

Yes, the political process is full of money and data gathering and marketing strategies. But, it always has been. We’re just better at it now. Targeting specific demographics might seem self-serving because that’s the nature of politics, but giving a voice to groups who have had no previous political power is a good thing. And keeping political campaigns focused on the diversity of voters and approaching them in more informed and sincere ways is generally better for everyone.