Customer Support Questions Answered

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We are so thankful you have chosen (RTM) to accept and manage your online contributions for your political campaign, PAC or committee. Below, we will share some of our most common questions asked to our customer support team and the simple solutions to these questions. Also, you will find tips and solutions to easy problem solving to save your campaign time. But, if you call us at 866-935-0302, you will talk to a member of our support team listed above.
Most Common Questions

Whether you have worked on campaigns before or if this is your first campaign it is going to be an adjustment using RTM. Having questions on the platform is very common, but we have some easy solutions to these common questions. 

1.  When Will I Get My Money?

RTM follows standard banking laws and procedures. Funds must be approved by the banking institution and sent to RTM before we can send the funds to your bank account. This process typically takes about 4 to 6 business days. We have no control on speeding up this process. 

2.  How Can I Access My Deposit Reports?

Every time a contributor makes a contribution to your campaign, you will receive an email from giving the name and information and the amount of the contribution. After 4-6 business days, you will get an email from notifying you we have initiated a transfer of funds into your bank account. This email will include deposit reports attached as PDF documents. Keep theses PDF documents for filing purposes. Creating a file for RTM Documents is highly recommended, so these documents are easy to find and send between your team when that reporting deadline creeps up on you. 

3.  How Can I Connect My Account With Facebook? 

First, we recommend using Google Chrome. This browser makes it easier to integrate with the Facebook PlugIn. Please click here to watch the video done by our programmer explaining the integration process. 

4.  Donors Are Telling Me “They Can’t Contribute.” What Do I Do?

First of all, do not panic. Sometimes the biggest problems have the easiest solutions. First of all, immediately make a test donation of $1 to the campaign. After your test donation is processed, you will know it is a donor error. 99% of all contribution issues are donor error. Remind donors that factors including a lagging internet service provider and older computer systems impact their ability to give online.  Our system has never had down time. Tell the donor to try again. If our system ever has an issue, we know it before you do and we will notify you. If an issue still remains,  fill out this form: We will be in touch within the hour to address your needs. 

Other Tips and Solutions:

If you want questions answered immediately, please reference our Help Center here: This section will give you information on Frequently Asked Questions and will help you to get a general understanding of how our system works and in depth answers to questions concerning your campaign account. 

If you still aren’t seeing the answer to your question, do not hesitate to give us a call at 866-935-0302 with any questions you have! We are always here to help.