Mailchimp Is Not Built For Political Campaigns

Mailchimp no longer focuses on providing their clients with an email marketing tool. These days, they’re more focused on branding themselves as an “all-in-one marketing platform.” Something that should be easy is becoming increasingly difficult. They’ve drastically changed their pricing model and interface. By the looks of it, they’re making all of these changes without any consideration of what you need to run your campaign. You’ll be scratching your head trying to figure out which plan will even work for you and how much your campaign will have to fork over on a monthly basis. Only after they’ve taken your money will you discover how hard it is to even email your supporters using Mailchimp at all! If this sounds questionable, good. It should be.

You need a seamless email marketing tool that has straightforward pricing and a user friendly interface. Raise The Money’s in house email marketing tool, MoneyMail, is just the thing you’ve been looking for. If you’re already raising campaign dollars through Raise The Money, then getting started with MoneyMail is just a click away in your Dashboard. Whether you’re emailing volunteers to phone bank or reaching out to potential donors, we make it easy to communicate with your supporters.


Mailchimp’s pricing is as confusing as it is difficult to use. When using Mailchimp to reach your donors, you’ll be charged for the number of contacts you’ve uploaded into your profile, regardless of whether or not you’re even sending them emails. For every contact you upload to your “Audience,” Mailchimp automatically counts that toward your monthly limit. This means you better be prepared to pay, even for unsubscribed and unconfirmed contacts. If you accidentally exceed your Mailchimp Audience limit, you’ll be charged a hefty fine. Good luck waiting all day only for customer service to tell you that’s just how they operate. Whether or not you’re successfully communicating with your supporters, Mailchimp’s just waiting to take your money.

MoneyMail doesn’t charge you for simply uploading contacts. Our pricing is straightforward and simple. We only charge you based on the number of emails that you actually send. We understand that when it comes to your campaign, so much can change within a few short months. Maybe your campaign’s just getting started and you don’t want to make a long term commitment that’ll drain the bank. Our tiered pricing model allows you the flexibility to pay the same amount monthly for a longer period of time, whether you’re sending one hundred emails or one thousand. As your campaign grows and you’re sending well into the thousands, we’ll be ready to help you every step of the way with consistent and honest pricing.


If you need any proof that Mailchimp’s interface is less than stellar, just look it up. Every update that’s been done has made their service more difficult to use. How the heck do you merge audiences? What’s an audience? Why is their website so ridiculously slow? Just about anyone who’s used Mailchimp can tell you, it’s getting harder every day to navigate their website and perform simple tasks. You’ll spend an entire afternoon creating a campaign and uploading an audience only to send one, just one, email. Do you have that kind of time? We didn’t think so.

At Raise The Money, we don’t expect our clients to be tech wizards and marketing gurus. We made MoneyMail specifically for campaigns, because that’s what you’re running. We know you don’t have time to sit at your computer angry all afternoon. Staying in touch with your supporters is one of the most important roles you have in running your campaign, but just because it’s essential, doesn’t mean it has to take all day. When you’re using MoneyMail, nothing could be easier. Create a template, upload your contacts, and send your email. Then if you need to, review your subscription so you won’t be surprised on your next bank statement. It’s really that simple. Say goodbye to annoying pop-ups and loading screens. We’re not going to send you notifications all day long, and we’re not going to badger you into trying a million other products that you don’t need. No one needs that! How does MoneyMail save you even more time? When someone makes a donation on your Raise The Money contribution form, their information is automatically uploaded to your email list in MoneyMail. This ensures you never miss a chance to stay in touch with your donors.

Make the Switch

When it comes to Mailchimp, let’s be honest. At the end of a long day, you’ll be left feeling frustrated as you try to navigate your way through a platform that’s never had your political campaign needs in mind and has never been easy to use.

MoneyMail is a total game changer for your campaign. Save money and time? Yes please! Let’s officially make Raise The Money your one stop shop for all campaign needs. If you’re ready to give your wallet and mental health a break, say goodbye to Mailchimp and hello to MoneyMail! We promise, nothing will feel better!

Get started by clicking MoneyMail on your Raise The Money Dashboard today! If you haven’t already, sign up for your free Raise The Money, Inc. account to maximize your campaign’s donations. We’ll verify your account in 24 hours so you can get started fundraising as soon as possible.