My Two Cents


With Super PACs out there raising and spending millions in the name of democracy, what’s the value of the little guy, the micro donor, the first-time voter with almost zero disposable income? Quite a lot, if you ask us.

There are all types of donors. Some donors spread their money around, hedging their bets across the field. Others give huge amounts to single candidates in exchange for a seat at the table. Some donate for practical reasons, while others are purely idealistic.

Small donors are not always young, but most young donors are small donors. They give not because they think a small donation will change the course of an election, but because they want to take part. Their donation is more symbolic than practical. What does it symbolize? A vote.

Raise the Money processes donations for amounts as little as $1 even though the cost RTM pays to process these donations is greater than the amount received. We accept these donations for one simple reason: everyone who wants to be involved in the election process, whether it is through their time or money, should be allowed to participate.

Candidates and their campaigns benefit from this philosophy. A micro donation is a statement of intent, a gesture of agreement. Allowing campaigns to process these payments and producing analytics that outline the whole spectrum of donations allows candidates to better understand their constituencies, not just those sectors that make sizable contributions.

Campaigns and organizations using Raise the Money can be sure that every donation is noticed and that you can respond accordingly. Because there’s only one thing more important than money to a campaign, and that is loyalty.