New Features at Raise The Money

Political campaigns are always among the first adopters of new technologies. The reason is simple. Change happens fast, and any advantage is worth the effort. In the big leagues, every second counts. Helping candidates and campaigns stay ahead of the fundraising curve is our mission. To further this mission, Raise The Money is introducing new features to our online fundraising services to make the process easier and your results more successful.

The most recent addition to these features is the new RTM Events section. From here, campaigns are able to use the software to easily create their own ticketed events. Other new features include Crowdfunding. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, the basics are as follows. Instead of going after individual donors, crowdfunding capitalizes on digital bundlers, those priceless supporters who do their own fundraising on your behalf. Even better, Raise The Money now allows campaigns to invite influencers like local politicians, business owners and community leaders both to endorse a campaign and create a secure contribution link to fundraise on a particular candidate’s behalf.

In addition to its new event planning and crowdfunding services, Raise The Money allows users to extend their crowdfunding efforts and create Bundler Groups. Intended for larger campaigns, Bundler Groups can create niche fundraising efforts built around individual political issues and raise funds for the larger campaign while focusing on that single issue or category of issues.

A similar feature new to the Raise The Money service is the Campaigns feature. This addition allows campaigns to focus on hot-topic or polarizing political issues, providing a unique link to track crowdfunding efforts as they relate to a single issue. This unique link can also be customized for events to track the effectiveness and engagement rate of the donation response.

Using Raise The Money to process your campaign contributions has never been simpler. Simply copy the website embed code and paste it where you want to raise online funds. Campaign web developers can even build the form from scratch and change the style to meet the look of any campaign. With all these new options, it’s never been easier to Raise The Money.