Nonprofit Essentials: Establishing Credibility

A successful nonprofit organization is motivated, and there is a tendency, especially in the beginning, to attack every task at a breakneck pace. That’s not a bad thing. There’s a lot of work to be done. But the most important factor in your long-term fundraising success is one that can’t be rushed. When asking for other people’s money, credibility is everything.  

But how much credibility is enough, and how do you go about building it? Like everything else, it depends. One shortcut to a credible organization is to have an abundance of personal credibility in the same field. If possible, try to get names on your board of directors that will  resonate with potential donors and government organizations.

If you don’t have the luxury of experience, making a name for your new organization and  establishing its credibility will require you to take the long road. But that’s not to say there aren’t ways to jumpstart the process. Come onto the scene with enthusiasm. Cause a stir. Depending on the focus of your organization, specifically whether your subject matter can create a strong emotional response, you may have some advantages you haven’t considered.

A really good video can do more for your organization in the early stages than all the brochures that will fit in a warehouse. Even if your video isn’t a viral sensation, it will help your organization boil down its mission statement and gain an essential digital marketing asset that’s ready to share. Credibility starts with visibility.

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