The One-Day Online Fundraiser

The one-day fundraiser is far from a new idea. In the real world, we see these all the time. From silent auctions to golf tournaments to charity races, fundraising events that play out over a single day are nothing new. When you take the concept online, however, the translation is not immediately obvious. The nature of “online events” is fundamentally different. Understanding how to create a one-day fundraising blitz aimed at your online audience requires a different approach. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Soften the Ground

The term “one-day fundraiser” can be a little misleading in one respect. Though the actual funds will be raised in a single day, the effort surrounding your fundraiser will start sooner. Before you ask for anything, let your audience know when, where and how your fundraising blitz will take place.

Pick a Relevant, Memorable Day

One key to making your fundraising blitz a success is first making it memorable. Choosing a certain day on which to hold your fundraiser and building your campaign around that day will make it easier for your donors to remember. If your organization is environmental in nature, throw your fundraiser on #EarthDay. If your organization is political, target the vote on a certain piece of legislation or another relevant holiday. This day should be announced in every call to action you put out there.

Instant Gratification

Your one-day fundraiser will work best if it has a specific goal in mind. If that goal is a specific dollar amount, be sure to let your potential donors know. Establishing a goal that can be reached in one day of intense fundraising will help keep the event moving forward. Your donor base is also more likely to respond when there is a specific and immediate goal tied to their donation.

Part of the Process
Above all, be certain that you are ready and able to process the funds you collect during your fundraising blitz. For online contributions, this means software. Raise The Money online contribution software can take care of all the headaches before they happen. Offer potential donors an easy and respectable path to purchase and then track your efforts. Spend some time on our website to learn more about processing donations the easy way.