Raise The Money Now Accepts Apple Pay for Political Campaign Contributions

Accepting donations for your campaign just got even easier.

Apple Pay is a feature on Apple devices that allows its user to save credit cards and easily select them when making a purchase without having to re-enter the credit card number, expiration date, and security code. Apple Pay takes away the chore of uploading credit card numbers every time a donor wants to contribute to your campaign. Analysts for Apple estimate that over 253 million users worldwide use Apple Pay to complete transactions, and that number only continues to increase.

As a candidate running for office, it’s important to have a donation page that is easy to use. The more mobile-responsive you can make your donation page, the better. Donor-friendly websites received on average 34% more contributions because of the ease it takes to complete the form. And surprisingly, very few payment processors actually accept Apple Pay despite its convenience.

If a donor runs into any issue while entering their credit card information, the chances that they will exit out and click on another app increases exponentially. Donors are pretty lazy, quite frankly, and making it easy for them to donate will increase the amount of donations your campaign receives. Apple Pay takes away the “entering credit card information” step, eliminating that feeling of frustration when entering a credit card number only to find you missed a digit.

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-RTM Team