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Create a Facebook Donate Button and Give your Supports the Ability to Donate on your Facebook Page 

The impact of social media on elections is on your Timeline every morning. Some campaign or candidate is being promoted because you liked a specific page that was linked to the interests of a campaign. According to the Pew Research Center‘s Politics Fact Sheet, nearly 66% of social media users have engaged in various civic or political actions. These engagements come from sharing social networking sites encouraging constituents in their area to register to vote, encouraging people to get involved with a cause or political party, express their own opinions about political or social issues and posted links about political stories for their audience to read.

Out of the 66% that are politically engaged, 20% of those people have used social media to follow elected officials and candidates running for office. Without having a way for them to donate on your Facebook page, you are possibly missing out on 20% of your donor base.

Another reason: the social media users that are more likely to use social media to promote their ideas are the die-hard Yellow Dog Democrats and the conservative Right-Wing Republican. People who will donate to your campaign or cause because they share the same values as you and entrust you with their support.

RaiseTheMoney.com’s contribution forms integrate with Facebook and are compatible with your page. One major problem with other Facebook integration options: the contribution often leaves the Facebook application, causing confusion for your donors. This issue does not happen with our integration services. You want your donors to know, without any confusion or doubt, who they are contributing to. As you can see above from our Demo Account, your “Make a Contribution” tab is easily visible and the donors can know with certainty who they are contributing to.
Our integration with Facebook takes about 5 minutes to complete. Our developer created a video that explains the process step by step. Click here to see the video or see below:

Please note: Facebook does not allow for apps to run in their mobile version; so, the contribution tab will not show up if you are looking at a page from your phone.
As always, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email with questions or concerns. In the meantime, check out the Arkansas Business article written about our platform and our newest achievements.