Reed Awards Finalists

ReedsRaise the Money was nominated for three categories for the 2015 Reed Awards: Best Online Fundraising Tool, Best Use of Application Software for a Mobile Device, and Best Use of Mobile Technology. We are so honored to even be considered for these categories. The categories each have such a great group of candidates as finalists and we consider them all friends of ours.

In honor of the 7th Annual Campaigns and Elections Reed Awards this January 22-23rd, we decided to give a quick overview of the history of Campaigns and Elections magazine and the Reed Awards.

Although C&E does many events throughout the year including CampaignTech West and East and The Art of Political Campaigning, the Reed Awards are specifically done to honor and award those in politics who have made an impact throughout the year.

220px-StanleyfosterreedFirst, a little history of the Campaigns and Elections magazine. Started in 1980 by Stanley Foster Reed, he began his career by working as an engineer and naval architect in the 1940s. His work prompted him to launch his own scientific research company, titled Reed Research, which did defense contracting in Washington. He encountered hardships with the sale of his business and furthermore decided to start his first magazine titled Mergers & Acquisitions in 1965. The purpose of this magazine was to teach management skills to businessmen. His consulting work and authority on business trends gained him worldwide notoriety. He developed other journals and magazines, but he discovered the main link between his love of politics and his success in business magazines.

Today, the bimonthly magazine mainly focuses on giving a “how-to” approach to political consultants, current and future politicians, and anyone curious about current politics. The magazine focuses on the techniques and tools used by political consulting firms and current politicians, giving readers a how-to on what works and what doesn’t work.

The first Reed Awards was in 2009. The eleven categories include: Automated phone calls, Direct mail, Field, International, Live Phone Calls, Newspaper, Overall, Political Technology, Radio, Special Categories, and Television. Click here to see the finalists for this year’s awards.

Congratulations to everyone who was selected as finalists and good luck!! We can’t wait to see everyone in Las Vegas next week!reed_ozean