Raise The Money Does Not Share Donor Data

Americans are concerned about the privacy of their data now more than ever. We have all had the experience of talking about an item and then that item showing up in an advertisement on your Facebook timeline just seconds later. Its unnerving, and it feels like a major violation of privacy. Every time you share your personal information on the internet, its hard to be sure exactly where it’s going. This is especially true when you donate to political campaigns.

Some payment processors share donor information with other candidates in an attempt to garner more donations from the donor. You donate to one political campaign and a few days later, you receive an email asking for a donation for another candidate. These payment processors are more focused on the party rather than the candidate.

However, this becomes problematic for donors who donate only to your campaign. Not everyone that donates to your political campaign is a seasoned donor. Sometimes a donor is inspired by your message and decides to donate on a whim. However, once they start receiving emails asking for donations from other candidates, their trust in you may be lost. This may discourage future donations from this donor. Using a payment processor that does not share your donor’s information with other candidates or committees is paramount to the success of your campaign.

               Raise The Money does not and will not share, rent, use, or sell personal data of our clients or their donors. We value your privacy and the privacy of your donors. At no time will we share donor information with any other candidate or committee.

           Raise The Money values your trust and confidence. If you haven’t already, sign up for your free Raise The Money, Inc. account to maximize your campaign’s donations. We’ll verify your account in 24 hours so you can get started fundraising as soon as possible.