Running Mates in 2016

But wait, there’s more! As if there wasn’t enough personality to go around this election cycle, soon each super ego will get his or her own sidekick! But all jokes aside, choosing a running mate is serious business. Running mates are intended to be the perfect complement to a presidential candidate, to make up for that candidate’s shortcomings and round out the ticket to its most electable, diverse and all-inclusive format. Have a candidate that is too old? Pair that candidate with someone young, and you’ve got experience and enthusiasm. Too conservative? You get a moderate on your team. Scary to minorities? It’s time for a friendly face. And so on.

Right now campaign managers and strategists are pouring over lists of names, comparing polling data and trying to predict the future of what, for many Americans, is shaping up to be one of the most contentious elections in U.S. history. They’re searching for the magic bullet, the perfect name and reputation to mitigate any less-than-electable qualities in their candidate, to bring home a win in November. But, with so many fallen soldiers left over from the long battle, who will each side bring in to bring it home? That’s the billion-dollar question.

For the Clinton camp, several names seem to keep popping up, among them Julian Castro, a high-profile Hispanic Democrat and federal housing secretary. Taken with Trump’s very vocal stance on immigration would seem to make garnering the Latino vote a no-brainer for Democrats, but Castro would be the icing on the cake. Another name often thrown around for a possible Clinton VP run is Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts and uber-Democrat. The big question facing the Clinton camp, however, is whether to continue the ascent through the glass ceiling or to opt for a much more traditional candidate.

Trump, in typical Trump fashion, has made his selection process for VP anything but typical. Though his sincerity is still to be determined, Trump opened up the question to his supporters at a recent rally, asking whom they want to see on the ticket with him. Behind party lines, however, there is likely a much more scientific process underway to help The Donald keep his momentum through the general. But what would best complement Trump’s reputation? Some have asked for Washington insiders. Others are calling for a show of diversity. The rest mostly want Ted Cruz.

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