Showing Your Work

Often the biggest obstacle for potential donors is understanding where the money goes, how it will be used, and how much of it will actually be put toward the desired outcome. Put another way, would-be donors are put off by a lack of transparency. Even the most longstanding and credible organizations face this problem. Donors may be comfortable with microdonations for vague causes, but real donations require solid goals and visible progress. Today, Raise The Money will offer you some tips for showing your work and proving to donors that your work is worth every penny.

The Final Countdown

Blame it on NASA, but people love to see numbers counting down. One tried and true method of showing your work to donors is a counter or graphic that shows your progress toward a specified goal. If you’re trying to raise $100,000 for a local project, share that number with potential donors and subtract from it each time you receive a donation so donors can see what is left to fund. If there is an angel donor out there, showing exactly what you need could result in a fundraising miracle.

Document and Report

Donors respond best when they see people on the ground, putting in hours and working toward your organization’s goals. Every single time your organization does anything to further these goals, document it, preferably on video. Then, occasionally put out materials – either in print or digitally or both – that show this work and tally up what it has accomplished. Success leads to more success, and hard work is more likely to be rewarded.

Watch Your Overhead
Early in their lives, many new organizations – especially the smaller ones – have a problem with overhead, particularly the need to draw a salary for your time. But be wary! Donors want to put their money toward something that makes a difference – they don’t want to pay your salary. Before you start taking money out, put in as much volunteer time as you can. Your sacrifice in the beginning might make all the difference in the end.