Standing Out in the Crowd

Fundraising is a fiercely competitive business. For every donor dollar, there are multitudes of organizations asking for money. All this competition struggles to carve out their share of philanthropic and political donations, but philanthropy itself competes with the rest of the economy. Contributions may wax and wane as the economy contracts and expands. Successful fundraisers are those who are able to cut through the clutter and stand out from the competition when the moment is right. In this blog from Raise The Money, we will offer a few tips for distinguishing your cause from that of your competition.

Invest in your identity.

Not every cause or candidate has the luxury of an existing reputation on which to build. Sometimes you start from scratch and build a new organization from the ground up. If so, credibility is an ongoing effort and can be tough in the beginning if you don’t have friends in high places. Even if the budget is tight, it’s worth it to invest in well-written, professionally produced materials to brand your organization and state its purpose in the most compelling way. There’s some truth to rooting for the underdog, but below a certain standard you risk your reputation before it’s ever established.

Make an amazing video.

Reaching a broad audience can be accomplished in different ways. One way is putting a lot of money behind your message. Another is creating content so compelling that your audience shares your story for you. The best approach is probably a combination of both, but if there’s only room in your budget for one big move, a compelling video that effectively communicates who you are and what you’re trying to do is a good investment.

Get a quick win.

The best way to establish credibility is to accomplish something, even if the goal is very modest. Sometimes the most difficult part of the job is shelving your long-term goals in favor of short-term success. Proving to potential donors that your organization is resourceful and enthusiastic, able to identify and accomplish small victories, is the best way to show them that investing in your idea will lead to real work and not just big ideas.

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