The Importance of Responsive Campaigns


Every aspiring or working politician has a constituency. They are the voters, the volunteers, the donors, the opposition and the uninvolved. In short, these are the people who keep your campaign alive and one thing they like is having their questions answered and their voices heard. Responding quickly to these concerns is essential to a successful campaign. But this is the PG version.

In reality, being a responsive campaign means the public relations battle stations are manned around the clock, and every threat or opportunity is guarded against or exploited through traditional and social media. Of course, the loud or eloquent voice is not enough. Before your campaign can say anything, it must buy the right to do so. And if you’re just behind the 24-news-cycle wave, you’re dead in the water.

In politics, all roads lead from the bank, and idealism is often a luxury for the winner. But time is money, and airtime is gargantuan money. Regular public addresses, commercials, social media, ads and marketing demand the most from the campaign war chest. Keep the coffers full and the information flowing.

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