The Joy of Data

It’s a great feeling when your fundraising efforts finally pay off. Even more than money, a contribution is tangible proof that others are sympathetic to your goals and optimistic about your chances. Online contributions offer perhaps the greatest return of all: a better understanding of future donors. Every contribution to your organization is another piece of the puzzle. Putting the pieces together means collecting and understanding a constant flow of data. But with the right tools, you can better understand and expand your donor base through targeted digital fundraising.

Data lets you learn from your successes and failures, and it becomes the rationale behind all your future fundraising efforts. The end goal is to develop a quantitative, scientific basis for creating messages and other content for the different segments of your audience. Don’t know the different segments of your audience? At this point you already know the solution. Yep, it’s data.

Fundraising is a calculated profession. Making it up as you go along may work for a while or not, but without an ability to quantify, understand and replicate your success, there’s no way to plan ahead. Sinking great sums of money into fundraising events before establishing a strong digital presence, and before creating a way to track your success and give your donors an easy way to follow up, can at best be considered haphazard.

Raise The Money’s patented software is all about data and speed. Used in conjunction with a sound digital fundraising campaign, Raise The Money provides the fastest, easiest way to accept and track online donors, while also processing payments faster than any competitor in the field. Make fundraising easier. Use Raise The Money as part of your strategy.