The Value of Real Data


Election seasons are all about polls and samples, anecdotal reasons why one candidate has an edge or a disadvantage. Very often these reputable sources have all the accuracy of a coin flip. Weathermen would be shocked at how loosely media pundits play their percentages.

The average news consumer hears conflicting data all day long. It’s part of the process. Cynicism about truth in politics barely requires a word. How can anyone distinguish truth from fiction during an election season? How do campaigns tell the difference between real and false information?

Campaigns today work sort of like Google. They collect information on everything they can. They want to know who their supporters are, what they’re buying, how they’re buying it, what they’re spending, whether they like cats or dogs, and so on. These data are then turned into targeted ads and all sorts of clever ways to seem trustworthy and familiar.

The tricky part, of course, is getting good information. Luckily, software is bridging the gap between what is perceived and what the hard numbers really are. Using Raise the Money in combination with Nation Builder will give your campaign powerful, state-of-the-art tools for gathering data, spreading your message, and raising and processing contributions.

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