Timing is Everything in Political Campaign Fundraising

Timing in FundraisingTiming is everything when it comes to politics. Deciding when to run for office was one of the biggest decisions of your life, and it had to be timed perfectly. Another important aspect of running for office must also be timed perfectly… Sending fundraising emails.

Fundraising emails are key to funding any campaign, whether it’s for a city council race or a presidential race. So, you might be wondering when the best time to send out fundraising emails is. Timing the emails for maximum performance determines how many donations you receive and the amount of those donations.

You want these emails to perform well, meaning they have a high open rate and a high donation conversion rate. Several different organizations have analyzed data collected from their own campaigns, but some of that information is contradictory. Overall, it’s been found that donors are more likely to donate to political campaigns late in the day.

Campaigns & Elections has analyzed their own data collected, and has found that fundraising emails have the highest open rates between 2 and 8 PM. Donors are more likely to become distracted during the afternoon slump, and will donate within these hours.

Although you must experiment with your own unique list of donors to determine which time frame is the best for your campaign, most donors follow a pattern.

Being able to view the times your donors open your emails gives you an insight into their behavior and habits. So, make sure you frequently look at the analytics behind your email open rates.

Good luck in your fundraising endeavors!

– The RTM Team