Top Five Campaign Follies

If you thought that hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign spending, combined with the best preparation from the biggest names in the business, was enough to keep politicians from tanking in front of the whole country, you would be wrong. Here are some of the biggest flops in recent campaign history, and a reminder that money can’t buy everything.

5. The Trump Card

Most candidates make a major mistake on national television at least once in a career. Other politicians make a career on televised gaffes. So as not to pick on an easy target, we’ll simply feature “The Donald” during his announcement speech.

4. I’m Batman

Voters generally love enthusiasm. At least right up to the moment that a politician pulls a full-on Christian Bale creepy batman voice followed by a maniacal “yee-haw” on national television.

3. This time, with feeling.

No one wants a weepy president. At the same time, doing your best Dexter impression in response to the most emotionally provoking question in political history doesn’t work too well either. Here’s Michael Dukakis auditioning for the part of Anakin Skywalker in Episode 2.

2. The Spud Missile

The public doesn’t like being talked down to, but they really cringe when they think a candidate is dumber than an 8th grader. Here’s the moment Dan Quayle’s political career failed a spelling test.

1. Golly!

When SNL mocks a candidate’s interview without changing the words, something truly historic has happened. Ladies and gentlemen, you guys give it up for the real Sarah Palin!


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