What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

Every campaign needs one.

Historically, most presidential candidates have kept it short and sweet. President Barack Obama’s slogan “Yes We Can” for his 2008 presidential campaign was huge. It instilled hope in voters, inspired them, and promoted unity among them. President Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” was plastered on hats, bumpers, and t-shirts all around the country. The phrase suggested renewed prosperity and comforted Americans who had felt the country had gone downhill. Both phrases successfully got both men in the White House for starkly different reasons. But, these slogans were successful because they promoted collectivism and referred to the promises of their campaign.

Here are some tips we think make for a strong pitch:

  1. Choose your words carefully. Pronouns like “we” and “us” promote a sense of unity that makes the voters feel like you are a collective unit, concerned about the same issues. Strong action verbs insinuate activity and movement towards a goal. Adjectives like “clean” and “safe” are positive words that all citizens want to describe their city/state/country.
  2. Consider your voters. What are they most concerned about? What do they want to be reassured about? Make your slogan encompass one of these key points.
  3. Make it memorable. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a serious slogan. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s campaign slogan, “I Like Ike,” was succinct, yet memorable. And very, very successful.

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