New Year, New Vertical

SocialWith the start of a new year, there are always feelings of a new start. A clean slate.We have decided to incorporate this feeling into our fundraising services!

Due to demand from our clients, Raise the Money has launched new verticals. Our main focus will still be political candidates, but we now give other groups the ability to create accounts and raise money through online platforms. Click here to check out our new website and new fundraising verticals!

The new verticals include: churches and charities, nonprofits, and social causes.


We have catered each section to the specific needs of their field. If you have anyone that runs a local church, nonprofit, or social cause, we are always here to answer emails and phone calls!  Shoot us an email at or give us a call at +1(866) 935-0302.

We will be updating blog posts going into more detail of each avenue so be looking out for them on social media! We hope everyone had a great holiday season. We can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!