Using MoneyMail to Communicate With Your Supporters and Run Your Political Campaign

Today marks 40 days until Election Day!  Only 40 days.  Now is the time for phone banks and door-to-door.  You need volunteers and supporters.  Without communication your campaign is just sitting there.  Generate activity.  You must be able to communicate with your volunteers and supporters on a regular basis. They want to help, so give them some direction. Sending emails seems to be the easiest way to communicate with your supporters. Group messages get annoying, and good luck getting any millennial to answer an unknown telephone number.


Email, email, and email.


Even then, typing each person’s email address takes valuable time that you could be spending organizing a fundraiser. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if that was already done for you? MoneyMail is our own in-house email platform that we launched earlier this year. And the beauty of MoneyMail is… Any time a person donates on your contribution page, all the information they uploaded to complete the donation is then added to your list of supporters. Making emailing easier and less time consuming.  Write an email, choose the list and send.

You can add existing volunteers by simply uploading it to the MoneyMail platform. Type up your email and you’re ready to go. Send one email to volunteers to phone bank. Another email can go to your volunteers that are going door-to-door on your behalf. Email your supporters to let them know yard signs are ready.  And while you’re at it, why not send another fundraising asking for another donation. Not only is MoneyMail a tool for encouraging donations, but it can also be a useful tool to communicate with your supporters.  Go to your Dashboard and click on MoneyMail to get started.  It’s fast, easy, and secure.

                Cut the time you spend sending emails in half, and sign up for MoneyMail today.