What Is Crowdfunding and Why Is It Important in Political Campaigns?

What It Is

Crowdfunding is the hidden jewel in the world of political fundraising. Most people have heard of it, but few are able to really explain what it is or how it can help a political campaign. Crowdfunding at RaiseTheMoney.com super-charges your campaign.  It allows you the candidate to give your supporters their own pages to fundraise for you.  Think of it as network fundraising.  Instead of just you alone… There are many of you fundraising.  Your supporters have their own circle of influence that they can tap into and raise money for you.  Crowdfunding is wide-lens fundraising that targets a large group of people rather than an individual or an organization. Crowdfunding results in more donations, but often smaller denominations, and allows you to tap into a donor base that is typically difficult to reach.

How to Start

All you really need to begin crowdfunding is an online contribution form. Then invite your supporters one by one, or several at one time or add an invitation on social media.  It’s all in your dashboard on the left under the tab “Crowdfunding.”  You can distribute the link to your online contribution form once you have a group set aside for crowdfunding. You should enlist your most trusted friends, family, and co-workers to raise money for your campaign. You can organize the groups of people you have fundraising on your behalf into Bundler Groups. These groups should be organized by a common purpose. You can sort your family into one group, and your co-workers in another. You can assign Bundler Groups in your Raise The Money account. It’s important to keep these groups updated regularly with fundraising goals and any updates to your campaign. Communicating with these Bundler Groups via separate email lists is a great way to keep each group separate. Create email lists using MoneyMail, our in-house email platform for political campaigns, to motivate and communicate with your groups regularly.


Why It Works

Statistically speaking, when more people are fundraising for your campaign, the chances of you receiving donations increase. Additionally, it takes some of the weight off of you as a candidate, because you are able to focus your attention on more pressing issues. In the age of the small dollar donor, this fundraising approach can prove to be invaluable to your campaign. Small dollar donors are becoming notoriously difficult to target, and this approach increases your chances of receiving donations from them.


Begin crowdfunding today! Teaming up with some of your most trusted donors to expand your donor base is an excellent strategy for establishing your campaign. If you haven’t already, sign up for your free Raise The Money account to maximize your campaign’s donations and get access to tools and features made specifically for campaigns. We’ll verify your account within 24 hours so you can get fundraising as soon as possible.