PACs: Raise Money Online With Your Free Fundraising Account

Did you know there’s a platform out there that’s specifically built for raising money for PACs? is an online contribution platform for Political Action Committees. PACs can easily raise money via emails, Facebook, Twitter and on your website. No heavy lifting or programming required. We host and automatically create the contribution form for you. Send links to give online, send fundraising emails, file monthly and quarterly reports, sell and track tickets for fundraisers, and more. The 2020 Election is months away now is the time to raise those funds and give to the candidates that support your causes and issues.

Over 7,000 campaigns and committees use!

Creating an account is quick and easy. All you need is your PAC’s information including the name, address, email address, and a bank account. Setting up your account is completely free. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. Donations are processed and available in your bank account within 48 hours.

One attribute unique to is that we don’t share or sell donor information with other campaigns. Your donors’ information is completely safe with us.

When you sign up, you get a link to your contribution form that is completely customizable to suit your PAC’s needs. With this link, you are able to link your contribution form to your PAC’s Facebook page, ultimately guaranteeing additional donations.

Depending on the year, PACs are required to submit finance reports that include the donor names, addresses, amount donated, date donated, and other information that varies by state (spousal information, employer information, etc.) of every donation received. With our Finance Reports feature, every donation you receive is automatically uploaded to an Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, every donors receives an emailed receipt and thank you from you. You receive an email every time a donors give to your PAC. Ensuring you can give quickly and effectively to the candidates of your choice.

Selling tickets to the PAC’s annual convention or fundraiser? You can sell tickets directly through your account without leaving a paper trail. These tickets are completely customizable, and you can create different ticket levels as needed for your event. Attendees will be emailed a PDF when they purchase a ticket that they can simply pull up on their phone. Additionally, you will have access to the guest list, which is an Excel spreadsheet that details every attendee and the ticket purchased.

Another feature unique to is our Crowdfunding feature. You can invite a bundler to raise money for your PAC while they recruit others to donate. By entrusting some of the burden of fundraising to a trusted constituent, it maximizes the number of donations your PAC receives.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reach tons of potential donors online with just a few simple clicks? MoneyMail is our in-house fundraising email feature. You have the ability to create and customize an email template, upload your contacts, and schedule it to send, eliminating the need for costly third party email services.

It’s essential to give your contributors access to the newest and most time-saving payment methods. In the age of the iPhone, pulling out your wallet has never been easier. When donors are asked for their card information and they don’t have it on hand, they are more likely to exit out of your contribution form and never return. That’s why Raise The Money has added Apple Pay as a payment method. The easier it is for your contributors to give, the better.

Donors are important. Contributors are given the ability to leave a message for you when they donate, indicating what issue is most important to them. This is essentially equivalent to them handing you a check in person and then having a conversation with you about why they are donating. This feature allows your donors to feel connected

We are always updating our platform and offering new features to bring you the best fundraising tools in the industry. Accounts are approved in less than 24 hours so you can begin fundraising ASAP. To create your free account, go to