How Raise The Money’s Features Can Benefit Your Political Campaign

Raise The Money has developed several specialized features that help candidates, PACs, and committees raise money online. Each one of Raise The Money’s features have been carefully designed with the candidate in mind. Additionally, Raise The Money’s team is composed of several people that have direct experience working on campaigns or running for office themselves. We know how campaigns work, and we know what fundraising strategies work best.



MoneyMail is our in-house email service that allows you to compose, schedule, and send emails from your account. For just $25 a month, you can send all of your fundraising emails from one place. One of the most tedious parts of composing a fundraising email is getting the recipient list ready. Entering each donor’s email address by hand is, especially if you miss a letter. Every time a donor donates, their email address is automatically added to an Excel spreadsheet. MoneyMail can increase the amount of donations your campaign receives, especially when you schedule emails and use different mailing lists.


Facebook Plug-In

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and in 2020, every political campaign that wants to be competitive must have a Facebook page. Your campaign’s Facebook page can be used to share events and volunteer opportunities, interact with your supporters, and even fundraise. Raise The Money’s contribution pages have the ability to link to your Facebook page. Integrating your Raise The Money contribution form with Facebook taps into a new donor base, particularly younger supporters, that were previously unreached by other fundraising efforts.



Crowdfunding is a well-kept secret in the world of political campaigning. It is the process of enlisting the help from several of your supporters to fundraise on your behalf. Using your account, you have the ability to organize the groups of people you have fundraising on your behalf into Bundler Groups. Crowdfunding not only saves you time, but it also increases the amount of donations you receive because several people are fundraising for you.


Finance Reports

One of the most important and tedious parts of running for office is filing finance reports. These reports are essential for maintaining FEC compliance. Raise The Money’s Finance Reports feature allows you to download Excel spreadsheets that contain all donations within the selected period including donor name, address, employer, etc. The Finance Reports will save you time and headache, especially if you are your campaign’s treasurer.


Ticketed Events

Raise The Money’s Ticketed Events feature allows you to organize fundraising events directly from your account. Your campaign has the ability to track and manage ticketed events at no additional cost to you. Each ticket is completely customizable, and you also have the ability to download a complete Guest List in an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all attendees. Whether you are looking to host a virtual event or a fundraising luncheon, the Ticketed Events feature will ensure your event is a success.


Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a feature on Apple devices that allows its user to save credit cards and easily select them when making a purchase.  With Apple Pay, you don’t have to re-enter the credit card number, expiration date, and security code. Not only will this feature save your donors time, but it will also decrease the amount of donors that exit out of your donation page if their credit card is not handy.


Your campaign’s success is important to us, and exceeding your expectations is our ultimate goal. If you haven’t already, sign up for your free account to maximize your campaign’s donations. We’ll verify your account within 24 hours because we know how time sensitive campaigns are.